Welcome to Bonk. io!

Bonk is a multiplayer physics game, intended for up to eight players at once. Push your competitors from the edge involving the level, the particular last man position wins!

Battle friends and family or anyone through anywhere in the world in final man standing or even team based fits. Bonk. io can be a game of method as well because raw skill, position yourself carefully, and even dodging an inbound collision is often as powerful as smashing in to your enemies!

Utilize the arrow keys to maneuver, and hold X to make on your own heavier. When a person are heavy, you have much more impetus, which means you will bash enemies much more, and then you’re much tougher to push around. Although https://bonk.onl may also be substantially less maneuverable!

Make use of the in-game level manager to easily create your own road directions, and then play on them! Play in hundreds millions associated with custom maps produced by the local community, and upload your own for others to be able to play on.

Utilize the quick play feature to quickly go into a game, or create custom game titles and place it way up however you including.

Bonkio is becoming constantly updated together with news and enhancements, so check back again often! And a lot involving all - have fun!

Please use your own existing username plus password to log in. All accounts, routes and skins have transferred over.

Your friend list, yet , has not. In order to prevent abuse, inside order to put someone as a friend you should send out them a buddy ask for and they must accept it. You will see a list associated with your old pals from the Show version at the bottom of the friends checklist, by clicking 'Friends From Flash Version' and sending each and every one a friend request.

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